Apple Pancakes this morning (and the rest of the week) 

I just couldn’t bare another week of Pop-Tarts in the car on the way to daycare for A.J., so this morning I made Apple cinnamon pancakes for today and the rest of the week.  


2 cups of whole wheat pancake mix (I used a Touch of Dutch whole wheat pancakes mix)

2 tsp cinnamon (or Apple pie spice, Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus blend), mixed into dry pancake mix. 

1 cup milk

1/2 cup apple juice

2 eggs 

2 tbsp melted butter
1. Heat griddle to medium high heat. 

2. Whisk milk, Apple juice and eggs together. 

3. Add pancake mix and melted butter to liquid mixture, mix until smooth. Let sit 3 minutes. 

4. Add up to five small pancakes to the griddle at a time. Flip once you see bubbles and a little dryness along the edges. Done after 20-39 more seconds. 

This should make about 25-30 mini pancakes. We are some and I stored the rest in freezer safe bags to take out each morning this week and nuke for a few seconds before we hit the road. (Hint: pancakes as a finger food = no syrup) #mommywin 



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